The Washington University School of Medicine Heart Rate Variability Laboratory is one of the premier facilities for research Holter analysis in the world. Since our inception in 1995, we have stored approximately 15,000 files in our research archive. The laboratory specializes in exact characterization of continuous ECG signals, with special attention to accurate beat onset detection and ectopy identification.

We collaborate in academic, Department of Defense (DOD) and industry-sponsored studies, both large and small. All recordings are analyzed by research-trained Holter technicians and then carefully overread by the principal investigator, Dr. Phyllis K. Stein. The laboratory is capable of taking any continuous ECG and performing any desired HRV analysis of the signal.


  • Research-quality scanning of continuous ECG recordings
  • Calculation of traditional time and frequency domain heart rate variability (HRV) measures
  • Calculation of non-linear HRV and heart rate turbulence
  • Graphical analyses of heart rate patterns
  • Implementation of novel HRV analysis algorithms
  • Special research focus on sleep, analysis of ECGs from sleep studies, detection of sleep apnea
  • Measurement of T-wave alternans from continuous ECG recordings
  • Training in interpretation of HRV measures
  • Training in research Holter scanning
  • Mentoring for study design
  • Statistical data analysis and interpretation of heart rate variability results
  • Support for grant writing and manuscripts involving HRV measures